Jenis e-journal Judul Jurnal Website Keterangan
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Springer Link 1.   Journal Nuclear Science and Techniques

2.   Journal Technology and Economics of Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy

3.   Journal International Jurnal of Coal Science and Technology

4.   Journal of Modern Power System and Clean Energy

5.   Jurnal Renewable : Wind, Water and Solar


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Emerald insigt


1.  International Journal of Energy Sector Management

2.  World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development

3.  World Journal of Engineering

4.  Jurnal Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

5.  Journal of Property Investment & Finance

EBSCO 1. Energy Journal

2. Energy & Fuels Journal

3. Journal of Energy Efficiency

4. Energy Law Journal

5. Journal of Sustainable Energy

6. Journal of Renewable Energy

7. Journal of Energy Storage

8. Journal of Resources, Energy and Development

9. Journal of Energy Sector Management

10.  Journal of Energy Chemistry


www.digilib.undip.ac.id Bisa diakses khusus lingkungan UNDIP
SCINCEDIRECT 1. Energy for Sustainable Development

2. Energy in Agriculture

3. Advanced Energy Conversion


OXFORD JOURNALS 1.   Journal of International Economic Law

2.   Journal of Environmental Law

3.   The Journal of World Energy Law & Business

4.   Progress of Theoretical Physics

5.   International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies

6.   Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

7.   Science and Public Policy

Cambridge JournalsS 1.    EEnvironmental Science Europe

2.    EPMA Journal

3.    EEnvironmental Health

4.    EURASP Journal on Bioinformatics and System Biology

5.    EEnvironmental Evidence

PRO QUEST 1.  African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

2.  Conservation and Society

3.  Journal of Environmental Protection

4.  Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering

5.  Agricultural Science